Ravenous Craft


Candle Casting

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For this craft, we used elements from the natural world - bones, crystals, tree trunks, geodes - to make silicone molds which we then made candles from. Once you make the mold, you can make unlimited amounts of candles from it and you can even experiment with different wax colors and scents, though my favorite is just plain, undyed beeswax.

Twig Trivets + Placemats

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These trivets are designed to absorb some of the heat from the pots and hot skillets when you place the pots on the serving table. They're versatile and utilitarian, and the only supplies you need to make them are twine and some foraged twigs. It's also one of the easier crafts and is a great starting out point.

Arranging Wildflowers

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I've seen flower arranging classes out there, and although exotic varieties of cut flowers are visually appealing, I have trouble buying them because they're expensive and so many resources go into growing them and transporting them. I have always loved wildflowers, of which there are many to go around and they grow off of whatever the land has to give. No matter what the climate I've always found a way to make visually striking bouquets or local flowers and weeds. 


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This is a project I've been wanting to tackle for a while and it's really one of the simplest of the crafts I have on here, which allows for you to make many different types of tincture in one sitting. All you need to allow for more than some of the other crafts is ample time for aging. So get out your herbs and barks and berries, some high proof neutral grain spirit, and gather as many recycled/reused jars and small bottles that you can get your hands on.

Yule Wreaths

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These wreaths are made from foraged pine branches that would have otherwise gone wasted and are a sustainable alternative to buying a tree that has been cut down for the sole purpose of enjoying it in your home for one month. Wreaths were originally made for use in pagan rituals including solstice holidays celebrating the change of seasons and fertility. Use your own creativity to make your holiday wreaths.