Ravenous Craft


BeginnerMallory LanceComment

This is a project I've been wanting to tackle for a while. There are so many medicinal and curing herbs in the world and they each require a fair knowledge of their uses before setting out to work with them and to make blends that work. All you need to allow for more than some of the other crafts is ample time for aging. So get out your herbs and barks and berries, some high proof neutral grain spirit, and gather as many recycled/reused jars and small bottles that you can get your hands on.


What you'll need

  • Mortar and pestle
  • Various herbs, barks & berries - consult an herbal magic book for a full list with properties of each. If you're located in New York I highly recommend Flower Power in the East Village. Otherwise Mountain Rose Herbs seems to source responsibly.
  • High proof neutral grain spirit - I use Devil's Springs which is 160 proof, and I also recently got gifted a bottle of Technical Reserve which is made locally in Industry City and is over 190 proof. It's made especially for making tinctures and bitters.
  • Jars for aging your tinctures
  • Small bottles, and dropper bottles (try to reuse or recycle old ones if you can)

1. Set out all of your herbs. This is a good time to catalogue what you have and take inventory. I recommend storing your dried herbs in clean glass jars so they last.

photo 3 (3).JPG

2. Gently crush your herb or bark or dried berries in your mortar and pestle.

3. Spoon the crushed parts into a jar for aging.

4. Pour the neutral grain spirit over the herbs until fully submerged. Screw the lid onto the jar so it fits tightly and give it a few shakes.

5. Store the jars in a place away from direct sunlight and shake every once in a while, aging for four to six weeks until the alcohol is fully infused with the herbs. Often times the tincture will turn a deep drown or green color.

6. Bottle the tinctures. Strain out the herbs and pour the remaining liquid into your small bottles or dropper bottles.