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Photo by  Shay Harrington  for Ravenous Zine

Photo by Shay Harrington for Ravenous Zine

Join Ravenous Craft and The Atlas Obscura Society at North Brooklyn Farms for a sunset tasting of herbal elixirs and the magical history of the elements of which they are comprised.

Amaro has risen in popularity among the craft cocktail world, but when hearing about amari, the incredible medicinal elements of the liqueur are often glossed over. Many of these herbal elixirs are made up of over 40 distinct herbs, barks, roots, and spices designed to work together to aid with digestion, encompassing a wide range of Italian locales. Ranging from the woodsy, herbal bitters of the alpine regions to the lighter, citrusy-sweet amari of southern Italy, we will learn about the basics of amaro and their tasting notes.

We'll be joined by Karyn Crisis, author of Italy's Witches and Medicine Women, who will discuss the historical medicinal elements of local herbs and Jane Danger and Alla Lapushnik, formerly of bitters tasting room Amor y Amargo, who will talk us through the tasting notes of these herbal elixirs.

The event will take place at sunset at North Brooklyn Farms, on the Williamsburg Waterfront and at the site of the historic Domino Sugar Factory, which hasn't been open to the public in 150 years. After the tasting, we will be making a sample amaro composed of locally sourced medicinal herbs and roots—right from the farm and our surroundings!

This event is presented by Montenegro Amaro.


  • A taste of 5 distinct amari from around Italy and one specialty cocktail
  • A historical overview of amaro and the herbal medicinal elements
  • A mini workshop on making your own amaro
  • Fresh herb-infused bruschetta


  • 21+ only. Please bring I.D. with you.
  • Two nights! October 16th and 17th, each from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.


Email mallory@ravenous-craft.com .

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Past Dinner Events

Taste of the Wild - Beltane Celebration

May 7, 2016

Join Ravenous Craft and the New York Obscura Society for an outdoor celebration and immersive afternoon tasting inspired by the wild natural world, life and death cycles of the year, and the carnal elements inherent to consuming food.

At the dawn of May, we celebrate the feast of Beltane, the ancient Gaelic May Day festival traditionally observed halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  Spend the afternoon in re-awakening and carnal connection through performance, lecture, and tastings of exquisitely prepared locally foraged foods, natural wines, and herbal cocktails.

The tastings, made of locally foraged ingredients and prepared by Re-Wild, invite revelers to connect to the rhythms of the natural world through taste and consumption. Each tasting will be accompanied by an in-depth explanation by professional foragerTyler Akabane.  Lecture and ritual led by writer, curator, andPhantasmaphile creator Pam Grossman intelligently and viscerally explores the human connection to magic and the ancient roots of the Beltane festival. Enjoy floral indulgence and fiery performance at this afternoon of new awakenings and ancient connections.

“Through the Pagan Wheel” is curated by Mallory Lance ofRavenous Craft in collaboration with the New York Obscura Society.


March 20, 2016

RAVENOUS CRAFT and THE NEW YORK OBSCURA SOCIETY host the first event in an immersive dinner series inspired by the wild natural world, life and death cycles of the year, and the carnal elements inherent to consuming food. On March 20, we celebrate the the Vernal Equinox, when our days are equal parts dark and light, the cold winter is fading, and spring is upon us. Join us in celebrating the light, reflecting on death, and reveling in the sensory experience of connecting with our wild natures.

Photos of the Black Dinner & Vernal Equinox Dinner by Steven Acres

The dinner series explores the unexplainable magic and alchemy of food in connection with the Earth, as related to the natural shifts that mark the beginnings of new seasons and cycles. Each dinner event provides context for historic Pagan celebrations through a multi-course tasting menu, wine pairings, and immersive installations. These sumptuous feasts are designed to ignite dialogue about reconnecting with the wild human spirit that links us to former human civilizations which venerated the Earth’s cycles, the sun, and the moon. 

Inspired by belief systems of pre-Modern Europe, as well as cross-cultural ancient civilizations, the dinner series is based around the equinox days, solstice days, and the cross quarter holidays, timed to coincide with the traditional Pagan feast days. The carefully curated feasts, created by Mallory Lance of Ravenous Craft, are sourced from locally foraged, hunted, and ecologically integral ingredients that are natural to the time of year for each celebration.

Black Dinner

April 5, 2015

On this date, which holds significance due to it being the first time  Easter Sunday, Passover, and the full moon coexist on a single day, I hosted a seated nine course feast for 20 guests. All Dishes were made with the blackest ingredients found in nature.

"Black is visceral shock, suggestive of the abject and the void, of horror, poison, and decay; yet it's also the beginning and the end, pre-life and post-death. The oil well and the coal mine, deep ocean and deep space. We feast on Easter Sunday so we can be reborn at winter's funeral. It's a celebration of desire, of the dark and the primordial." -Jen Monroe, Bad Taste Blog

Photos of the Black Dinner & Vernal Equinox Dinner by Steven Acres