Ravenous Craft

Ravenous Zine

Photograph by  Shay Harrington

Photograph by Shay Harrington

Ravenous zine is a printed magazine for women to connect with the wild within, and will encompass explore the archetype of the wild woman as put forth by Clarissa Pinkola Estes through visual art, feature articles, and interviews, with an activism & self care angle. 

It is populist & Earth focused, yet has a highly styled and woodsy, dark, aesthetic to it to mirror the wild, earthy, feral elements of femininity that are absent from modern mainstream culture. At its core, it's about reconnecting to this wild nature by gathering in circles, participating in activism, cooking and making crafts. In a way it's a manual for face to face, in person gatherings in this age of social media and physical disconnectedness.

It's about peeling back the layers and uncovering the ways of the of wild women who were largely snuffed out in the Inquisition and later the witch hunt. When the patriarchal forces took over and the church did their best to get rid of the intuitive powers of women, it instilled this deep rooted fear that's still pervasive in mainstream culture today - fear and jealousy of other women, fear of living a creative life, and fear of taking creative chances.

The first issue will explore the ways that we can help each other combat these fears through community, sharing and building each other up, planning and intention setting, and forming our own circles to work through things together rather than stay separated and fearful of one another as the patriarchy wants us to so they can keep profiting off of selling us products. It will also explore the history behind women as a remedial force and how we can tap back into the sacred energy we have as healers in a modern world that is so separated from the wild.


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