Ravenous Craft

Harvest Rope Bowls

Mallory LanceComment

With the harvest season upon us, it's a good time to have baskets and bowls on hand for picking fruit and vegetables. I got this idea from a friend and although it doesn't employ the craftsmanship that goes into traditional basket weaving, it's a way to make decorative bowls to hold your things that also look pretty cool.

You can use a variety of different types of rope and string, and aside from that all you need is a glue gun and a steady hand. 

1. Starting from one end of your string, make a small loop with your fingers. Then glue on the outer side of the spooled up rope and affix the rope to the glue.

2. Continue your spiral until you have reached the full size of the bottom of the bowl you want to create, keeping in mind that the larger you want your bowl, the larger the base of the bowl has to be, slightly increase the angle of the glue so that you begin to create a cone. Keep working until you have finished the bowl you want to make.

You can also create little molds for candles or other bowls by using the same method.

Use the smallest bowls for tiny plants or tea candles and use the bigger bowls for fruits.