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Beeswax Candles in Mason Jars

Mallory Lance1 Comment

I got the idea to make beeswax candles, adding dried roses, cardamom pods and rosemary to make it smell nice and look pretty but be warned that these candles burn viciously so make and burn them at your own risk and supervised.


What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars (I used half-pint, but 4-oz is probably even better)
  • beeswax - one pound for 2 half-pint candles or 4 4-oz candles
  • candle wicks
  • essential oils of your choosing
  • dried herbs or flowers of your choosing

1. Shave the beeswax blocks with a heavy knife. Otherwise use the easily meltable pellets.

2. In a double-boiler or in a glass tempered measuring cup submerged in simmering water, melt the wax and the dried herbs/flowers and/or essential oils. Make sure to use something sturdy because it will be difficult to clean afterward.

3. Center the wick in the jar and pour the first layer of wax in- it should be very shallow but just enough to hold the wick in place. Once the wax has dried completely, gently twist the wick around a chopstick to center it in the candle.

4. Pour the second layer of wax in until the jar is halfway full.

5. While the wax is still liquid, take a chopstick and press the dried herbs and flowers toward the edges of the jar so that they are visible from the outside of the jar and so they’re not too close to the wick.

6. Allow the first layer to cool and harden.

7. Pour the rest of the wax in until the candle is nearly full, taking care to keep the wick centered and repeating step 5. Once this later cools there will be a small depression in the center. Add a bit more wax until the level is uniform. Sprinkle a bit of dried herbs on top for decoration.

8. Trim the wick, and if you’re giving it as a gift, affix the lid of the jar and tie a little ribbon around it. All set!