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Holiday Gift Guide

Mallory LanceComment

Year after year, once Thanksgiving comes and goes I find myself more and more incensed by the holiday marketing that happens- we're all pressured into buying gifts for all of our loved ones and I feel like gift giving should be more organic - if you happen upon something that would be perfect for a friend, it's a great time to get them something. But I find, especially with the holidays that people often buy meaningless gifts just for the sake of buying gifts.

This overconsumption of meaningless things that were most likely manufactured by exploitation of workers in faraway countries is not what the holiday spirit should be about. It should be about connecting with family and loved ones. So while supporting local artisans and craftspeople who source responsibly is one of the better solutions to this conundrum, it can be really expensive to buy all of your gifts that way. 

So, I bring you the holiday gift guide! Many options of simple projects with step by step guides you can get all your friends together for and learn new things while making handmade, meaningful gifts for your friends and loved ones. In the coming weeks (and in the archives) you will find projects such as:

  • Macrame plant hangers
  • Harvest rope bowls
  • Spice and salt mixes
  • Vanilla extract
  • Wood burning
  • Seed art
  • Holiday wreaths

If you have any ideas or would like to see anything else on here, send me a comment.