Ravenous Craft

4:00 PM16:00

Workshop: Tincturing

The Pink Moon – April 22

The pink moon marks the sprouting of plants and the new growth of spring. As the new spring life begins to peek through crevices of winter, the changing seasons are first apparent and the birth of summer comes out. Special springtime produce first becomes available and foraging for tender greens roots allows for specialty foods that are only available in the springtime.

Craft: Tincturing & Herbalism

The springtime emergence of new plants, flowers, and roots allow for foraging, collecting, and tincturing to make medicinal treatments. This workshop will give you an intro to herbalism and the art of making tinctures, and will allow you to continue this study on your own.

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4:00 PM16:00

Workshop: Candle Casting

The Worm Moon – Mar 23

Also known as the sap moon, the March full moon brings the gradual melting of winter’s frost and trickling down of water as the snow begins to melt. As this year’s March full moon falls very close to the spring equinox, we will celebrate the reemergence of light as the days get longer and longer, and will be making candles in shapes from the natural world.

Craft: Candle casting

As the equinox passes and the days get longer, we will pay homage to the light by casting candles from natural forms and creating candles from the molds. Bring your own element from the natural world or choose from provided bones & crystals.

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4:00 PM16:00

Workshop: Balms & Salves

This Workshop will be held at Catland Books in Bushwick. Reserve your spot in advance here.

The Snow Moon is Feb 22nd This class will be held on Feb 13th so you have ample time to prepare for your full moon gathering.

Also known as the Hunger Moon, this month is all about paring down, reigning in, and learning to live with restraint. By paying attention to the cycles of the earth and living by the seasons, we can more fully experience the burst of joy and decadence in months when the produce is bountiful. We will discuss idea recipes for dinners and where to procure supplies to make this craft at your next coven gathering.

Craft – Balms & Salves

In February, we practice self-care and with the whipping wind and cold temperatures, creating herb and essential oil infused balms and salves will help nourish our chapped lips, broken cuticles, and dry patches that need some extra tenderness. Balms can double as beard balm to give as gifts to the bearded ones in our lives, perhaps for Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it.

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